Why would saving money be in Beyond E Cigs, Health Tips?

Electronic Cigarette Model

Electronic Cigarette Model (Photo credit: planetc1)

Because you do save money with our Electron Cigarette Products. When you sign up and register you, automatically & across the board receive 20% off every product on the site! Including clearance items.  High quality, products for your vaping needs. Here is our website (Register) must be 18 years or older.

Here is the health tip for today! When you have the luxury of spending money in the right places consider a massage. Here is the benefits of having extra money to get healthier than ever before.

  “A Massage”!

There are numerous benefits massage therapy can have on our bodies, minds, and spirits. When we receive a massage our bodies go through a number of changes.

Massage can increase our circulation, which brings  oxygen and nutrients to our cells while carrying away metabolic waste products. In turn, the increase in circulation aids our bodies in over coming fatigued muscles, decreasing pain and stress, speeding up our recovery rate from injuries, decrease scar tissue formation, reducing edema (swelling), promoting greater join flexibility and strengthening the immune system, which aids in the prevention of disease.

Join the 300,000,000 people in the USA, who our now chosing electronic cigarettes by joining us on our site. BeyondeCigs.com  or subscribe to our blog for more details, keeping you in the “know” with facts, and news articles about electronic cigarettes. Beyondecigs Blog

Great health to you, The Beyond E Cigs.com Team

800-531-2808 feel free to call us with your questions.


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